Across the Eastern Fringe

Warp Storms Raged- The Light of the Emperor Dimmed
Life in the 21st Century interferes

Battles continue, and war is upon the sector. As the fickle nature of the warp has disrupted the tenuous lines of communication between the distant reach of the Imperium the factions have continued their battles.

New data has trickled in, the efforts of an Astropath who’s will was blasted and mind wiped clean with the effort of sending one short message:

_Ancient evil has risen, the Ruinous Powers are here, brother has fought brother. Send us succor and bless our forces with the light of the Emperor. Even now the gree…


Skirmishing intensifies... Thousand Sons vs Dark Angels

Excerpt from Zah’mat’s personal log:

What a fool Xanthoss was, calling himself the inevitable.

We travelled to a world containing an ancient Blackstone device, seeking to work a ritual that would grant us great power. On this world, we came across a band of Dark Angels. They were encamped far too close to the device, so we sought to sabotage their base and drive them off the planet.


The Tzaangors moved to a forward position, while Xanthoss and I advanced with two units of Rubrics, and the Scarab Occult waited in the Teleportarium.

We unleashed a storm of empyrean energy on the enemy Repulsor, while I began to work the ritual. Meanwhile, a hail of bolter fire from the Dark Angels reduced a unit of Rubrics to dust, and decimated the Tzaangors.


The Scarab Occult teleported in to protect us while we continued our work. An enemy chaplain, shouting paeans to the false corpse-god, charged their position, and cut through their ranks. In the end, Xanthoss and I faced off against the Chaplain. I made a tactical retreat, while Xanthoss finished off the chaplain.


In his arrogance I’m Xanthoss did not see it coming. I had twisted the ritual to my own ends, and made a daemonic pact to sacrifice our dear leader. I then staged my retreat at exactly the right time. Xanthoss, alone on the battlefield, could not withstand the tidal wave of psychic energy pouring from the Blackstone gate. We returned to the battlefield to find that he had succumbed to the flesh change, just as planned.

Now, I will now take my rightful place as leader of this Thrallband! I will bring Glory to Tzeentch, as we rain destruction upon our foes. The Eastern Fringe will tremble at our might, and we shall have our revenge!

Skirmishes rage across multiple sectors...Thousand Sons vs Orks

Excerpt from Xanthoss’ Personal Log:

As we explore this sector, we continue to discover the ruins of an ancient, yet powerful civilization. Forsooth, all is dust.

We have unearthed knowledge of powerful relics spread throughout the Eastern fringe, mighty weapons and ancient grimoires full of terrible and powerful magic. We made planetfall on one of these worlds to seek fragments of these relics

Soon after we landed, we were set upon by a band of Orks. They charged us on strange beasts, while their ramshackle vehicles careened into our ranks. Meanwhile, their uncouth Shaman attempted to tunnel a hole through the warp.


The forward assault broke upon the Scarab Occult, and our psychic dominance stymied their Shaman’s efforts. A band of Ork soldiers did reach my position, but my mastery of Time kept me alive.

We were victorious, yet the Ork shaman absconded with the arcane fragments that we sought.


With the help of the shaman Gnarlok and his band of Tzaangors, we tracked the Orks back to their base of operations. Once again, the Scarab Occult moved forward to face the enemy attack, while Gnarlok and Zah’mat infiltrated the Ork camp.


The Orks charged at us with a fury. Their leader was a dervish of devastation, cleaving through an entire unit of Rubrics with his mighty sword. However, he was unable to get past the Scarab Occult, and we were able to retrieve the arcane fragments, and escape the battlefield.

I am one step closer to my Inevitable Ascension!

The Filthy Heretic Astartes fight dirty against the Sons of the Lion
For The Lion!!!!!!

Today the great Sons of the Lion learned about a daemonic ritual after interrogating one of the captured Fallen. Master Raphael Lionshield lead a small patrol into some old archaic ruins from a time long forgotten. Here they found a small force of the Thousands Sons to be conducting a ritual.

Master Raphael Lionshield yelled out to his troops “slay the Heretic Astartes.” Master Raphael Lionshield was hoping to capture their leader for interrogation to gain any intelligence information regarding more Fallen in the area.

Brother Redemptor Dreadnought Rakiel lead the army from the front as the Sons of the Lion charged into battle. A small unit of Rubric Marines were the leading dirty Heretic Astartes force screening their foul master. This unit caught Brother Redemptor Dreadnought Rakiel’s attention. Brother Redemptor Dreadnought Rakiel poured all of his firepower into the Rubric Marines and forgot about the bigger threat lurking in the shadows, the Scarab Occult Terminators. This was a horrible mistake on Brother Redemptor Dreadnought Rakiel. Brother Redemptor Dreadnought Rakiel with the support of the Tactical Marine Squad and the Intercessor Squad fired all of their weapons on the Rubric Marines and killed all but their Aspiring Sorcerer…another tragic mistake.

The Thousand Sons advanced their small force and used daemonic powers which were able to summon witch-fire powers against Brother Redemptor Dreadnought Rakiel down to a few wounds. The Scarab Occult Terminators then fired their infernal weapons off and removed the remaining wounds of Brother Redemptor Dreadnought Rakiel.

Master Raphael Lionshield and the Tactical Squad were able to charge the Infernal Master and the Rubric Marine. After some fierce close combat fighting, Master Raphael Lionshield was able to kill the Infernal Master. Master Raphael Lionshield thought to himself what an outrage it was for this heretic to have the title Master.

While Master Raphael Lionshield was busy fighting the Infernal Master and the Rubric Marine, the Scarab Occult Terminators were able to wound and kill a few Intercessor Marines and charge the Tactical Squad. The dirty heretics were able to kill the small Tactical Marine Squad.

At this time, Master Raphael Lionshield was able to see an opened direct path leading to a vulnerable Exalted Sorcerer. Master Raphael Lionshield charged into this foul being and swung his mighty thunder hammer, but the heretic ancient sigil of corruption protected this grotesque Fallen Astarte. The Exalted Sorcerer attempted to strike back but failed to take any of Master Raphael Lionshield’s wounds.

The next thing Master Raphael Lionshield knew was that the heretic decide to use his cheap cheating tactics and called upon the false gods and used magical powers from the warp to drain all of his wounds. At that same moment, the Scarab Occult Terminators were able to pull one of their dead from the ashes and pushed their swords into the chests of the Intercessor Marine Squad.

Once the Thousand Sons left the area, a hidden figure in one of the caves emerged onto the ancient ruins and collected the Marines and signaled their transport ship flying above the area to claim the damaged bodies. Luckily no one from the Sons of the Lion suffered any major wounds. Master Raphael Lionshield learned a valuable lesson about this encounter…the Heretic Astartes knows as the Thousand Sons fight dirty and should not be underestimated.

For The Lion!!!!!!

Skirmishes rage across multiple sectors... Thousand Sons vs Dark Angels
Kill the King!

Excerpt from Xanthoss’ Personal Log

Our exploitation of the Eastern Fringe has been opposed at every step. First, we encountered the machine hordes while unearthing hidden knowledge, then our sacred rituals were interrupted by the White Scars. Today we faced more of our wayward cousins…

While exploring an ancient ruin, we were waylaid by a force of Dark Angels. Their leader called himself Lionshield, and proclaimed his intent to take my head.


The fool. I am Xanthoss, Lord of the Thousand Sons, and my ascension is inevitable. The sons of the Lion nevertheless threw themselves into battle. We met their assault with a storm of eltritch power, and a hail of daemonic fire. Even their Ancient was unable to withstand our fury.


Zah’mat, the master of daemons demostrated his leadership today, and continues to be an inspiring presence on the battlefield. However, Aspiring Magister Oniris and his Rubric Marines failed me once again, and must be reprimanded.


In the end, the Scarab Occult were left to hold off the enemy troops, while I faced off with Lionshield. Truly, the Changer of Ways must look upon me with favor, for my armor withstood the thunderous blows from his hammer, and I defeated him with a massive blast of empyric energies.


We must continue to be vigilant in our quest in the Eastern Fringe, for surely we will continue to encounter opposition here, be it from Necrons, or forces the Imperium. I have also tasted an uncouth and primal energy in the warp that must be a sign of Ork activity. But we must continue our exploration, for the Eastern Fringe certainly holds the key to a great power that will be mine!

Skirmishes rage across multiple sectors... Thousand Sons vs. White Scars
Don’t forget the relic shield

In the blasted ruins of a forgotten temple a combat patrol of White Scars stalked through the shadows until their sensors picked up their foe in the distance, a patrol of Thousand Sons led by their sorcer overlords.



The battle was short and brutal. As the White Scars charged home Xanthos broke away to conduct a diabolical ritual, seeking lost knowledge amongst the ruins. Baleful witchfire flashed from the Thousand Sons, burning the marines as their warp-cursed bolters fired staccato bursts at the Scars.


Both patrols crashed together, with Captain T’rak leading the way, his sword flashing from Rubricae to Rubricae., sending them back to the warp.


Slowly the Scars began to falter, the Scarab Terminators brushing them aside and weathering the furious attack, in the end the only unwounded Scar was Captain T’rak himself, who was standing over the body of Xanthos.


But a powerful burst of warp energy smote the Captain, leaving the field in the hands of the Thousand Sons. Fortunately for the Imperium, however, the Thousand Sons were unable to complete their ritual, and the battle was decided a draw.

Skirmishes rage across multiple sectors... Thousand Sons vs. Necrons
Mortal wounds, the haves and have nots

Busy readying himself for his ascension, Overlord Thoth-Amon was content sending one of his minions to battle, some meaningless lesser beings were detected entering his territory. Marching to the battle were ranks of metal warriors, a swarm of scarabs, and slithering on the flanks were a unit of wraiths.


Xanthoss the Inevitable had other plans, though, plans probably years, or even eons in the making, what with his scheming and scrying the skeins of time. Alongside Xanthoss marched his rubricae, led on by aspiring sorcerers starving for eldritch lore and personal accomplishment; one unit of Scarab Occult Terminators, and one unit of Rubric Marines.


A malignant form appeared at Xanthoss’ side, wreathed in grey smoke, in fact, colored grey as the smoke from whence he emerged. It was an infernal master, name known only to Xanthoss and forgotten by the humble keeper of these archives (me).

The fight was short, as they should be in Combat Patrol. Deadly warpfire exploded amongst the metal horde, sending them back from whence they came. The wraiths attacked the Terminators on the far flank while the Infernal Master used his powerful magics to unearth forgotten arcana, his moon swept aspect leering in the gloom.


The return fire of the grinning metal warriors was devastating, rending the ancient carapace armor of the Rubric Marines. In the end, however, the power of Xanthoss and his minions was too much, the Metal Hordes slowly phasing out of existence.

Skirmishes rage across multiple sectors... White Scars vs. Dark Angels
Don't bring an Astartes Chainsword to a Redemptor Fight

Freshly arrived to the Arvant Sector Captain T’rak met with Captain Lionshield, recently bloodied by a sharp fight with a group of orcs. After the customary clasping of arms, manly salutes and Battle-brother hugs, Captain T’rak suggested the White Scars and Dark Angels conduct military maneuvers.

After several hours of fire and movement the two patrols met for “combat”. It became quite apparent to Captain T’rak that the Redemptor Dreadnought is a fearsome foe, and that while tasty in the assault doctrine, the Astartes Chainsword is no match for a bitter ancient Space Marine ensconced in a metal body.

After the action Captain Lionshield heaped much praise onto the athletic assault of the White Scars but also tempered it with valuable wisdom, “You should have your thralls prepare a dreadnought, the operations on this planet will only get uglier still”.



Skirmishes rage across multiple sectors... Orcs vs. Dark Angels.

The First Chapter, the Dark Angels landed on the western side of Teneborus, the largest continental landmass in the northern hemisphere of Arvant. Captain Lionshield, leading a strike force of Marines and a Redemptor Dreadnought, were investigating a ruined Imperial complex after Planetary Defense Forces reported no contact from the stationary defense team for 3 full day cycles (each day cycle is equivalent to approximately 3 Terran days).

Once at the complex, the Dark Angels were quickly assaulted by a force of orcs, strange beastly orcs, even more primitive than usual, their grey skin indicative of lengthy time aboard interstellar transportation (Space Hulk).

The fight was short and brutal, with the orcs, backed by a weird boy, quickly making contact. Captain Lionshield and the dreadnought made short work of the orc patrol, losing several marines dead and injured. The Marines retired from the complex, leaving the the field strewn with the bodies of orcs.


The Dark Angels lines as they move into the complex.


The dreadnought stands resolute against the furious charge of grey skinned orcs.

First contact
Combat Patrol


Tomorrow 1930 hours.

500 point games.

It looks like all will be present.

Match ups for 500 point battles:

Round 1:
Necrons vs. Thousand Sons
Orks vs. Dark Angels
White Scars bye

Round 2: (when possible)
Necrons vs. Orks
White Scars vs. Thousand Sons
Dark Angels bye


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