Torgo Zogbender

Finker o’ Ded Soony Thots




As a young git, Torgo spent his days rummaging the wastes of Ynidides IV with the rest of the Rustbiters—a Deathskulls Warband. He had an affinity as a tek dowsing rod, leading the boyz to ancient and terrible things that they would scrap and junk to their hearts content.

One day, after a particularly brutal fight amongst another warband of Snakebites, Torgo found something. An obilisk of jet black stone, jutting from the wall of a newly opened cavern. Upon touching the decrepit thing, Torgo was overcome by strange visions: metal gits, dust gits, big gits, all flowed through out and we’re made undone, by a monstrous blue squig.

When he came too, he realized he had the oddboyz gift, and went about recruiting a whaaagh of his own. One to find the blue squig, and have it devour their enemies

Torgo Zogbender

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